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Sea Delight recognizes the importance of traceability in seafood supply chains for verifying the legality, integrity, and quality of our products. We are dedicated to continually improving our traceability practices for more robust tracking of products from the source to our customers. We are also actively working with our suppliers to ensure they are part of traceable, transparent, and legal supply chains. Our suppliers must be able to share documentation to demonstrate legality and traceability to the source when requested. We are committed to transparency in our practices and will report publicly on our progress towards this policy annually.


Traceability Commitment: Sea Delight will continue working towards industry best practices in traceability including: standardized data collection for seafood products, supply chain traceability demonstrations, and engagement in multi-stakeholder traceability dialogues and initiatives. We will publicly report on our annual progress regarding these efforts. Specific time-bound goals for Sea Delight include:

  1. Improve data collection by building upon work underway with our snapper, grouper, tuna, mahi-mahi, and swordfish by August 31, 2017;
  2. Work to ensure effective implementation of traceability measures in three fishery improvement project (FIP) supply chains that Sea Delight sources from to facilitate achieving MSC Chain of Custody certification and other benefits by December 31, 2017;
  3. Encourage collaboration within the seafood industry to promote interoperability of traceability systems and aligned approaches that present suppliers with predictable and consistent demands for traceability and for fisheries-based information that relates to environmental sustainability by December 31, 2017;
  4. Actively track developments of important emerging topics related to traceability and anti-IUU measures on an ongoing basis.

Social Responsibility Commitment: Sea Delight will continue to learn more about social responsibility within seafood supply chains and ways we can take action via discussions with experts. We will look for opportunities to engage with our suppliers on the topic and understand the efforts they are taking to address social responsibility. We will publicly report on our annual progress regarding these efforts. Specific goals for Sea Delight include:

  1. Actively track developments of important emerging topics related to social responsibility on an ongoing basis.

Traceability Achievements

We are continuously improving traceability and transparency in our supply chains to ensure our products are legally sourced, accurately labeled, and meet our sustainability policy. We work to improve traceability and transparency through multiple avenues. In the past year we have:

  1. Worked with World Wildlife Fund to incorporate traceability in the work plans of selected fishery improvement projects (FIPs);
  2. Partnered with FishWise to identify our strengths and prioritize areas for improvement by benchmarking our traceability, counter-IUU, and social responsibility practices against industry best practices;
  3. Launched a pilot program to expand data collection for snapper, grouper, tuna, mahi-mahi, and swordfish for harvest and source product information in anticipation of the National Ocean Council Committee’s proposed Seafood Import Monitoring Program;
  4. Engaged in policy reform when opportunities arose, including participating in the Presidential Task Force on Combatting IUU Fishing and Seafood Fraud public comment periods and submitting letters of support to the U.S. Senate for implementing legislation to the Port State Measures Agreement (PSMA);
  5. Educated our employees, suppliers, and customers about the importance of sustainability and traceability to help create a more conscious industry.
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